Fitting guide

Expert, helpful advice to help find you your perfect fit.

Expert lingerie and swimwear fitters

A visit to Linda Rose Lingerie is a pleasure; we have a fabulous selection of Lingerie and Swimwear, probably the best for miles around. 

Our team are all expert Lingerie and Swimwear fitters and offer a friendly, expert and helpful service.  We are all passionate about finding you your perfect fit and we have collections to flatter every body shape.

Perfectly Fitted Lingerie

In 3 seconds we can judge your bra size and within 30 seconds can fit you in your perfect fit. Not a tape measure in sight.  For some people this may be the first time they have worn a perfectly fitted bra. 

Of course you can take as long as you wish. We are all very experienced bra fitters so make it very easy and straightforward for you.

We will treat you with  respect and care and don't need to see you naked. 

We have a very wide range of stock to choose from which enables us to fit you with your perfect bra.

What can fabulous, perfectly fitted lingerie do for you?

  • Makes you look slimmer. Yes it really does!
  • Your clothes fit better.
  • Gives you a more youthful body shape.
  • Less shoulder and upper back pain.
  • Feeling more supported to be active.
  • Comfort - always important.
  • Look Fabulous -Feel Fabulous.