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Confused about buying lingerie as a gift?

Would you like to see the woman in your life wearing something gorgeous? Are you confused about buying lingerie as a gift? If so you are not alone. We have helped hundreds of men buy the perfect gift and have some great ways to help you.

By choosing to buy lingerie, the message you are sending to her is a strong one - you have gone above and beyond in search of the perfect gift she will love.

We can look after your purchase until you need it to help you keep it a suprise.


Buying lingerie as a gift for your loved one sends out a message that you have carefully chosen a gift she will love. After all, what women want to know is that you have put thought into your gift for her.

We have helped hundreds of men buy the perfect gift and have some great tips to help you out:

At Linda Rose Lingerie, men are always welcome: We are lingerie experts, and are here to make your choice of gift as easy as possible for you. We have a wonderful selection of styles in different price ranges available for you to make your selection.

Size: First, you need to find out her size. The best way is to sneak a peek in her lingerie drawer at the label in one of her bras she wears most often. Also look at the size and style of the briefs she wears. This way you can choose the styles you know she prefers.  If you’re still not sure of her size we have a stunning selection of nightwear and gorgeous silk camisoles which come in less precise sizes - Small, Medium and Large.  Or you could purchase a gift voucher.

Style: Include her personal style in your gift, by thinking about the colours she likes to wear, so when you come into the boutique you can choose a colour you know she will like.

You won’t need to spend time wrapping your gift: We will gift wrap for you in one of our luxury gift boxes, tissue paper and bow.

We look forward to welcoming you into Linda Rose Lingerie