First Bras

Sensitive, DISCREET and understanding service for our customers first visit.

Sensitive, friendly first bra fitting

We always treat our young customers very sensitively.  We understand having a bra fitting for the first time can be rather scary.  At our young customer’s first visit we will always talk to them and explain our fitting procedure.  We explain we don’t have to see them completely undressed.  Sometimes we just talk about what we do, show the ranges and are happy for them to come back another time when they feel ready.

A range of first bras

We have ranges of first bras designed to fit girls in the early stages of development. We offer non-padded, non-wired and molded styles for maximum comfort and modesty. To ensure the correct bra size is being worn we recommend regular bra fittings.  

Size changes can happen quickly, sometimes one side growing more quickly than the other which is perfectly normal.  Many of our young customers pop in to the shop regularly just to be checked. The usual time to start wearing a bra is not age defined but when the breasts start to develop. Girls are often ready for a bra just before they start High School.  Pop in and have a chat with us.